The Board

About the HEUG Board of Directors

The HEUG is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of fifteen Directors elected by the HEUG membership, one to five Directors appointed by the HEUG President with the approval of the Board, and the Past President. Elected Directors serve for a term of three years and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Appointed Directors serve for a term of one year and may be reappointed. The Alliance Conference Chair and Program Chair are usually among the appointed Directors, if not currently serving as elected Directors.

The President of the HEUG is elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term, and may serve at most two terms as President. The remaining Officers of the Board are nominated by the President and approved by the Board, and consist of the following:

  • Vice President for Communications and Membership
  • Vice President for Community Development
  • Vice President for Products
  • Vice President for Technology
  • Secretary
  • Vice President Finance/Treasurer

The President also designates one of the four Vice Presidents to serve as the Executive Vice President, who will complete the President’s term if the President is unable to and will preside over meetings in the President’s absence.

The Board is responsible for overseeing and approving nominations of members to the various Product Advisory Groups (PAGs) and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Those groups are responsible for working with the HEUG membership and Oracle on issues relevant to the appropriate areas within specific products or the technological infrastructure. Those groups do much of the detailed work of the HEUG and are instrumental to the HEUG’s effectiveness. Each PAG is assigned a Board member as a liaison.

The Board also establishes a number of committees and working groups to assist in the governance and administration of the HEUG, and to address specific issues that do not fall within the purview of a particular PAG or TAG. These committees usually include a mixture of Board members and others.

As Oracle continues to expand its product line via acquisitions and development, and as the community of Higher Education users of Oracle application software expands and evolves, the Board continues to review the scope of the HEUG and to propose changes in structure and governance that reflect the changing nature of the products and the organization.