Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Advising and collaborating with member institutions on channels ranging from social media, mobile, and online channels to call centers, offices and caseworker engagement.

Improving business processes and outcomes across the full higher education lifecycle via knowledge-sharing and best practice modelling between institutions, colleagues and vendors.

Promoting the sharing of information, tools and resources which highlight best practice in the above topics from member institutions around the world.

Providing advice and guidance on the technology underpinning the (Oracle) software applications used by the Higher Education community.

Serving Members

Communities are a way for you to get involved with members from worldwide institutions working in similar landscapes.

Find value in HEUG.Online member representation and communication within Advisory Groups. Pursuing a collaborative atmosphere within the tools to provide you with the best possible answers.

The HEUG is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our membership. While our core mission of providing connections, educational opportunities and advocacy for our members has not and will not change; the HEUG is excited to innovate and expand our commitment to helping our members maximize their investment in information systems. Welcome to the HEUG 3.0!

Designed to take teamwork to the next level

HEUG helps your institution grow without limits by connecting members to a network rich with  industry-leading advocacy, programs, and events.

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