Innovative Tools for E-Business Suite are Available from Oracle

By Sue Clements posted 04-30-2019 09:32 AM


When I left Alliance almost two months ago, I was excited and energized, and I couldn’t wait to take advantage of some of the tools that I learned about while I was there. I had spent two full days with our amazing Advisory Group, gotten to learn about technology and functionality from some of Oracle’s best, and had attended so many great presentations during the conference. Then I walked back into the office, and my time was quickly consumed with the day-to-day chaos known as my job.

Recently, I pulled out my eBS Summit and HEUG Alliance notes and started going through them again. I decided I needed to do something with them. I concluded that one of the best things I could do was to make sure that other eBS institutions are aware of the technologies and information sources that I heard about in Orlando, so that you can take advantage of them.  Let me start by providing you a great source of information for eBusiness Suite.

Oracle maintains a collection of web pages specifically related to eBusiness Suite. Visit You can link to information about all eBS products, as well as a wealth of information in the Resources section, including the latest Announcements, Videos, Product Information, Training and Documentation. Find Product Roadmaps, information on new releases, product-specific videos, and details and training and support for eBS modules. One of the newest tools I learned about in Orlando, and for which you can find information about in this eBS site is the EBS Person Data Removal Tool. In a nutshell, this new tool allows for institutions to identify, select, and update person records to remove data that is, “consistent with data privacy and data retention policies.” Find more information in the announcement at New Oracle E-Business Suite Person Data Removal Tool (PDF).

One final toolset that you all might find a great interest in is the E-Business Suite Product Based Support Analyzers. This growing group of analyzers is Oracle’s premier analysis and troubleshooting tool. It combines many different data gathering and analysis tools into a single analyzers so that you are able to provide all of the information that both support AND development will need in investigating and resolving your service requests. Review Oracle Support Note 1545562.1 for more information on the available analyzers.

I hope that you find this information valuable!