International Virtual Week Debrief and Highlights

By James Imgraben posted 11-30-2020 03:39 PM


In the wake of COVID-19, this year’s Alliance Down Under Conference quickly turned from an in-person event, to an International Virtual Week (IVW) spanning multiple regions across a few days in October. While this was an unfortunate turn of events for everyone looking forward to a chance to get away from work to attend the conference, a well-deserved thought given the start of the year, we were pleased with the results looking back at IVW, especially within the CX track.

A number of institutions, along with Oracle, were gracious enough to offer their time to present on a variety of interesting topics, in many cases providing insight into how other institutions have been managing the pandemic at their institution.

CX has been at the forefront of the pandemic, whether with campaigns around student wellbeing, tracking hardship applications or just providing a platform for staff to be able to provide a personalized service for students, IVW was a great opportunity to showcase what a CX platform is capable of.

 Of course, it was not all doom and gloom relating to the pandemic, we also had some fantastic presentations covering a range of CX applications, including an innovation showcase from Oracle highlighting some of the new features available within the Oracle CX platform; a fantastic presentation from UNSW on their use of the PowerApps Platform with Microsoft Dynamics, to develop a financial assistance application for students; and a presentation on how the University of Queensland are tackling the golden view of contact data, the 360 view, using Data Fabric.

As this was a free conference, we thought it would be a great opportunity to remind everyone that the recordings and slides for these sessions will be available for all members on the HEUG website, and time permitting, each session is absolutely worth watching if you’ve not had a chance already.

Below are links through to the CX track, or cross-listed sessions, and if you are interested in what the other tracks had to offer the main IVW list can be found here:

Reasonable Adjustment Plans - Confidential Cooperation between Intelligent Advisor and Service Cloud:

Hype, hope or reality? Data Fabric proof of concept at UQ:

PowerApps Platform and MS Dynamics: Case Study in co-creation:

Identifying USQ Students at Risk:

CX Innovative Showcase:

Stakeholder engagement and managing the backlog: How UNSW keeps their CRM community engaged:

Coping with COVID at USQ:

Welcoming back International Students with Oracle Digital Assistant:

CX Birds of a Feather:


Supercharge digital campus experience with AI powered Conversational Bots


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12-01-2020 04:20 PM

Great Sessions!

I was so glad to be able to attend the International Virtual Week CX Sessions, and highly recommend catching the recordings if you can carve out some time. I was particularly impressed with the session quality and diversity of tools used by presenters -  there's more than one way to serve our students!