6 Reasons to Present SEARUG 2019

By Tom Johnson posted 07-01-2019 06:54 AM


The SEARUG Conference will be upon us soon, and with it, the opportunity to learn about new PeopleSoft topics from our colleagues. But while most of us enjoy learning something different in these sessions, not all of us are as excited about being the one doing the talking at the front of the room.

Below is a list of reasons why presenting might be a good idea you, and why presenting can provide rewards not just for those in the audience, but also for you as well.

1. Beef up your professional experience. Many commenters agreed that one of the most apparent benefits of presenting a paper is that it improves your professional clout. As one past presenter put it, it just “looks good on your CV or resume.”

2. Share your expertise with others. Even if you may think your PeopleSoft knowledge is limited or incomplete, presenting about your particular area can help other PS users. After all, we are possess different levels of expertise, and we all benefit from shared knowledge.

3. Learn a new skill. Think an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Think again, Anna Kourouniotis (Duke) said “every time I present at a user’s group, I learn something new from the audience. Sometimes it's an option I didn't know existed. Other times it’s a novel approach that I hadn't considered. It's great to be able to share knowledge and expand my knowledge at the same time.”

4. Become popular with your peers. Who doesn’t want a spot at the cool kids’ table? Presenters are able to engage like-minded users from across the country and expand their professional networks all in one sweep. David Erich (Duke) said “it's a great way to meet a lot of people!”

5. Build lasting connections. While meeting and greeting other professionals is a definite perk, having those new connections turn into lasting friendships is an outstanding motivator to attend and present.

6. Help others. Instead of focusing on what you can take away from the experience, remember that making a presentation helps others learn, and that’s the primary reason for our regional conferences. Helping others acquire new skills in a low stress environment like SEARUG is a great way to give back to the community, and provide others with some of your hard earned knowledge.

So, consider investing in yourself and in both your professional and personal development. Present at SEARUG this October in Tallahassee!