A Call to Action

By Archive User posted 01-18-2012 11:07 AM


The HEUG Board Communication Committee and the Membership Committee is extending an invitation to all HEUG members to join the Communication or Membership Committee!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a difference within our HEUG community!

One of the means by which HEUG defines success is by engaging our members and keeping them informed with constant, up to date information.

Here are some of the activities in which you would share by joining the HEUG Communication or Membership Committees:

Communication Committee

  • Participate in monthly committee call and communications initiatives
  • Contribute to the HEUG Annual Report
  • Providing important information to members
  • Alliance announcements
  • Collaboration at Alliance
  • Satisfaction about being involved in the continued success of HEUG

Membership Committee

  • Determine membership needs
  • Contribute to expansion of HEUG member benefits
  • Growing HEUG global awareness program
  • Member interaction
  • Participate in monthly committee call and membership initiatives
  • Network from the HEUG Booth at Alliance

Many of our great leaders and advisors from the Board of Directors started their journey as members of the Communication or Membership committees. If you are interested in expanding your role with the Higher Education Users Group, please contact me (