By Brad Finley posted 07-01-2016 05:22 AM


July 4th is a pretty popular holiday in the United States.  Not only does it mark our day of Independence but it signals a halfway point for most of us that the summer is well on its way and the new school year is just around the corner. As I was rushing to get this article done before leaving for the holiday I had to stop and remind myself that the HEUG is a global organization with lots going on around the world! While we in the U.S. pause for a few days of holiday the rest of you around the world keeps things moving forward.

I feel like we, as an organization, are at the point in our year where there is a big snowball at the top of a hill and we just pushed it to start it rolling down the hill which will result in the big splash next February we call Alliance ’17.  The first big event of the year, the Southern African HEUG Conference, just concluded a couple of days ago setting off a string of international and U.S. regional conferences that will occur in succession all the way through to December.

The HEUG board meets next week to finalize the goals for the fiscal  year which will set an avalanche of activity into motion via Advisory Groups, Working Groups, and Committees all working to accomplish the objectives set forth by the board.

The Alliance ’17 planning committee just concluded a meeting in Las Vegas  which means that planning is well underway for the big event and presentation proposals will open soon for the conference.  Have you thought about what you might want to present?

Stay connected through the various communication outlets offered by HEUG.  Frequent the HEUG online web site, it is a wealth of information.  Participate in the HEUG Education series webinars.  Seek out opportunities with our YPG and Volunteer Committees. Advisory Group elections will be coming soon, think about participating. With so much starting to happen I hope you will get involved!

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