New Realities/New Opportunities

By Jason Wenrick posted 04-09-2020 09:06 AM


I write this update as I am self-quarantined in my house now going on the third week, and we have at least another several weeks more to look forward to as our new reality sets in. It is amazing what we have managed to roll out in support of our institutions in a rapid fashion, things that people would have said would take months of shared governance discussions were implemented within weeks.

Yet through all of this, and perhaps more now than ever, we still need to interact, share and learn from each other and continue our professional development. The HEUG remains committed to providing services and meeting the needs of our membership. We have moved to provide relevant and comprehensive content through our Virtual Alliance 2020 conference in May, and making it available for you to attend as you are available and also to go back and review on your own schedule. We continue to also look at options for remotely connecting our members by tracking and posting major projects that institutions are working on or have recently completed so that people know who they can reach out to for lessons learned or partnering.

At the end of the day, we are all, GLOBALLY, in this together like no other time I have ever been seen in my life, and I hope, that WHEN life returns to some sense of normalcy, we can learn and grow from our experiences and come out stronger and more connected than ever before.

Be safe, stay sane, and love and appreciate those in your life like never before.