Concern around the PeopleSoft HRMS/CS 9.0 split and support window

By Tina Thorstenson posted 07-25-2010 05:31 PM


Since there have been a number of inquiries about PeopleSoft HRMS/CS 9.0 support extensions or the possibility of fee waivers, I thought it was time to send a quick update on the subject.  This is an especially important topic for institutions running a combined HRMS/CS 9.0 environment.  It is clear that many of us have growing concerns about the split of HRMS and Campus Solutions and the impact this will have on planning upgrades from HRMS 9.0 to HRMS 9.1.

In addition to the concerns and questions voiced by individual institutions, the HEUG board is actively in discussion with Oracle on these subjects.  In August, the Oracle Campus Solutions team plans to reconvene the ‘split’ focus group. 

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10-06-2010 11:41 AM

PeopleSoft HRMS/CS 9.0 Extended Support

Technical Support Policy ; page 7, paragraph 6e . The Extended Support for PSFT 9.0 releases having 12 months of Extended Support with FEES WAIVED. I believe this means that HCM 9.0 support, with no extra fees, continues thru 2012. This is good news!