Challenge, Connect, Create!

By Maureen Knight-Burrell posted 03-27-2015 09:33 AM


That was some conference! We worked hard, played hard and walked hard!

Fun Run Keynote heug booth IMG_3365__1427473720_55212.jpg

How did we do that? We challenged ourselves to push through barriers into the future at the summit, while doing that we connected with each other to create ideas for best practice, and for new ways of doing things.

Then after the summit we challenged ourselves again, early in the morning to get up and do a fun run and walk, and our colleagues connected with us by coming out and cheering us on, and again we created new friends.

The PAGs did an awesome job of creating content for the Community Mix and Mingle. These sessions were well attended and provided opportunities for more connections and networking with their communities.

How awesome was the opening night speaker? Tommy Spaulding challenged us to elevate our relationships to the highest level where we can develop lasting relationships that can transform our lives both personally and professionally.

After that great keynote speaker we were able to spend time with the vendors while eating delicious food, and networking, connecting, and creating new partnerships.

It doesn’t get any better than that; and this all happened on Sunday.

The remainder of the week the momentum continued. There were so many great sessions to choose from, and so little time, but we made it work, and it all culminated at a great closing night event with awesome music, food, fun, and line dancing. Whew!

Say no more, don’t believe me just watch the video.

Thank you to all the wonderful HEUG volunteers, vendors, and partners that work so hard to make our community the best of class around the globe.

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