HEUG "upgrade" study launched - looking for a few good men and women

By Archive User posted 07-25-2012 06:41 AM


At the summer HEUG Board meeting last week, we discussed how to have the organization continue to meet the needs of its members in the face of this changing higher education environment. We've got a great 15-year track-record in meeting the HEUG mission, and want that to continue.  But we need to make sure we're structured to do so.

How should we approach this? Review the current structures?  No, that implies we just grow a bureacracy.  Reboot the structure?  No, a reboot means you start over only to end up in the same place you were.  Upgrade?  Yes!  Keep what works (which is a lot), add some new features to meet new demands, and maybe even eliminate some customizations. 

To that end, we're forming a work group.  It will include
     5 HEUG Board members
     6 PAG/TAG members (at least one per pillar, at least someone brand new to a
         PAG/TAG, at least one global member)
     1 person from the Volunteer Committee
     1 person not on a PAG/TAG

We want to get this right, and will only be successful if we put together a good team.  The committee will need to have a draft of findings ready for the December HEUG Board meeting, and a proposal ready for the PAG/TAG summit in March, 2013.

The HEUG Board members have been named (Tina Thorstenson-VP Technology; Jerry Waldron-Board member/executive engagement; Criss Laidlaw-Board member/global PAG working group; Todd Langille-Board member/EBS).

Can you help? If so, shoot me an email ( by August 3.  Let me know if you're on a PAG/TAG/Volunteer Committee (if so, which one), in which continent you work, or if you're not on a committee and want to jump in.