A Week in the Life - Ethel's Great Adventure

By Cathy Thompson posted 03-15-2018 06:06 AM


A Week in the Life of an Alliance Attendee
featuring Karen Tallett. 

Over the next couple weeks, Karen is going to share her life with us to show us what the Alliance conference is really all about.

Last time Karen started telling us about herself and her hobbies. She also taught us some fun Scottish phrases so if you missed her reveal, you'll want to get caught up

Is Scotland on your bucket list of places to visit? Karen is from Scotland and is an expert on adventure! I’m sure she will recommend seeing the University of Glasgow (you’ll see why) but she would be a great source of other recommendations for a fun trip over the pond! If you have not yet met Karen in person, you've just learned one reason to make her acquaintance but this next video will tell you even more about why she is a great person to network with at Alliance 2018!