Deloitte Analytics Object for Next Generation Campus Analytics

By Holly Holliday posted 04-25-2018 07:47 AM


Unlock the potential of your Campus data
To successfully deploy campus analytics, institutions need to
incorporate data from disparate vendor and platform sources
from both inside and outside the organization. Harnessing
analytics across all facets of the Student spectrum requires
identifying relationships between student information, financial
aid and the institution’s operational information as well as
external benchmark data.
The Deloitte Analytics Object (DAO) for Campus Analytics is an
extendable, cloud based packaged solution that includes these
cross domain relationships. Users can rely on a full suite of
reporting and analytic functions to proactively answer pivotal
student related questions.
Insight for your institution
The DAO combines Deloitte’s Higher Education industry
experience with our market leading Oracle analytics and cloud
capabilities to enable academic users to identify trends and
insights and make data-driven decisions by combining and
analyzing student, financial and external data. The DAO Student
Success dashboards provide institutions with visibility and insight to
understand the factors that impact a student’s journey.
The Strategic Enrollment Dashboards provide visibility to the student’s
journey and:
• Are based on over 160 unique Student Success hypotheses
• Are built on a holistic Student Data Model that gathers data from
various sources
• Identify Key Student KPIs that impact the student success
• Leverage Deloitte’s Enrollment Data professionals who translate
data into actionable insights
• Integrates to the DAO Advanced Analytics module to provide
advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities to understand levers
influencing student success and student attrition
• Provide design flexibility to readily meet the needs of each

The Deloitte Analytics Object is designed to help an institution
create a more informed student success strategy to better
position itself in today’s continually shifting and competitive
student market. It helps Campus leaders develop strategic
approaches to Campus planning and student management by
more effectively leveraging Student data from across the
The DAO for Campus Analytics includes information in key
subject areas, organized to help you answer key questions and
drive results including:
• Student Success • Admissions Decisions
• Financial Aid Support • Student Marketing and
Impact throughout the institution
A recognized leader in the higher education space, Deloitte has
solved complex problems for more than 175 public and private
higher education institutions nationwide. Deloitte’s higher
education team has experienced professionals and industry
leaders that turn ideas into impact for your institution. Our
professionals have solved some of the toughest higher education
challenges for our clients, including operational and financial
transformation, student experience redesign, enterprise
technology solutions, and organizational and change
Reducing the time to value
The DAO for Campus Analytics is designed to be implemented quickly.
Deloitte has developed a new R.A.P.I.D. implementation methodology
to focus on providing our clients with a collaborative Campus Analytics
design and a phased implementation strategy. R.A.P.I.D. is designed to
help institutions capitalize on the DAO capabilities and focus their
efforts on areas that will likely have the largest impact on their
institutions. R.A.P.I.D. leverages an agile methodology which drives out
incremental functionality and data visualization via iterative solution
enablement and development.
Our Oracle capabilities
Regardless of industry focus, our teams have the ability to support
your cloud journey around the world. The Deloitte and Oracle alliance
dates back more than two decades. Deloitte was the first Global
System Integrator to achieve Global Cloud Elite certification, is a
Platinum-level member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), and has
access to more than 20,000 Oracle practitioners across Deloitte
member firms.
Our teams deliver through a tiered model that combines global
delivery centers, associate frameworks, contingent workforce
management practices and application maintenance services. We draw
upon Deloitte industry specialists, along with functional professionals
in human capital, supply chain, enterprise risk, tax, and more. This
allows us to assemble the right mix of business and technology talent
to help organizations become digital and realize the potential of Oracle
cloud technology virtually anywhere in the world.