How to Help Students Succeed: Is Finance the Answer?

By Nicole Engelbert posted 10-02-2018 01:00 PM


The CACUBO Annual Meeting gets into full swing this week, and one of the hot topics is expected to be how to manage student financial aid. It’s no secret that a university education makes a huge difference in earning power over a lifetime. Yet college in the United States costs more than ever, and students must cobble together funding from loans, scholarships, grants, family and other sources just to make it through the first year.  

This is a precarious model for students—and for the institutions that depend upon tuition fees for revenue. When the money dries up, the student is virtually guaranteed to drop out, taking any future tuition dollars with them.

Institutions of higher education have a business stake in ensuring their students succeed. A student-centric approach to managing financial aid can give universities visibility into which students are most at risk, helping to prevent drop-out before it happens.

Student success isn’t only dependent upon finances, however. Today’s students arrive on campus with expectations of a user-friendly, mobile experience. Not only do they want to manage their course loads, schedules and finance from their mobile devices, they want to be able to text or chat with somebody if they have a question or need help.

Can your campus provide a digital student lifestyle?

Meeting these expectations and supporting student success requires bold strategies and the innovative use of technology. In a webcast with University Business, two leaders in higher education will share their experience in campus transformation:

  • Tonjia S. Coverdale, Ph.D., Vice President, Information Technology and CIO, Central State University (Ohio)
  • Steve Hahn, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Coverdale and Hahn discuss how cloud applications have formed the foundation of their student success programs. They’ll discuss their journey to the cloud and share some key strategies to ensure successful adoption.

You’ll also hear about Oracle cloud solutions for higher education, and how the cloud helps you recruit applicants, engage students with a mobile experience, and use your data more effectively to make faster, better decisions. Following a recent analyst summit, Ovum wrote of Oracle’s higher education solutions:

“One of the major takeaways from the summit is that Oracle is building Student Cloud not as a solely transactional, institution-centric ‘student information system’ but as a true ‘student system’ that proactively manages the full student lifecycle with robust insight, transaction, and engagement capabilities. While this might seem like semantics, such messaging ruptures traditional systems' boundaries to indicate how one platform can support much of the student lifecycle, from recruiting to advising support to alumni relations. Many schools are increasingly recognizing the value of a one platform approach, rather than having to manage the integration of (and different data from) separate point solutions; as a result, Oracle is building its student system to offer best-of-breed capabilities without the weaknesses of the latter approach.”

Join University Business, Central State University (Ohio), University of Wisconsin-Madison and Oracle to learn more about supporting student success—from recruitment to graduation and beyond.

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