CX at Alliance 2020: Focus on Change and Implementation

By Lorne Henne posted 02-03-2020 10:06 AM


Looking to consolidate your CX efforts under a single technology?  Many institutions currently use multiple CX/CRM systems within their organizations;  In  Enterprise CRM - Bringing the Campus Together, one organization shares it’s strategy and approach for the deployment of a future institution-wide CRM integrated solution for all business divisions. In these types of transitions, the need to focus upon business processes using the CRM Capability Maturity Model Assessment is crucial to making effective business decisions.

Enrollment management /Admissions people in particular should not missPeopleSoft and Slate - how a mid-sized school implemented Slate on our campus.” This session reviews how one institution implemented Slate as their CRM system for both the undergraduate and graduate school (in one instance!). Learn all about their project and the interfaces to PeopleSoft they developed for a successful integration.

Current legacy PeopleSoft CRM users should attend this must-see session: Student Engagement in the Cloud: Migrating from PeopleSoft CRM to Oracle Engagement Cloud.”  Learn how one university is migrating their Student Engagement Services from their legacy PeopleSoft CRM system to Oracle’s Engagement Cloud to consolidate service in that platform.  There is light at the end of the tunnel if you are looking at a path forward from your legacy CRM system.

I’d be remiss if I did not also include: Improving IT Service delivery: An ITIL Journey”, which highlights the transition from PeopleSoft CRM 9.2 to the  ServiceNow platform –  as previously  mentioned in my  post on the Service Desk.

In any of these efforts to migrate or implement new technologies at your institution, Effective Communication: The Hidden Key to Successful Projects will be an important session for you to attend. Effectively communicating change throughout the organization is an ever-evolving process, and must take a customized approach, based on the type of change and those affected by a project.   To identify the key stakeholders and customize project communications effectively, means understanding how different constituents will read, digest, understand and act upon these communications.  Additionally, determining the most effective mode of communication is crucial to successful implementation and adoption: will it be a post, a tweet, an email or all of the above?

The CX track at Alliance 2020 promises to deliver a fresh lens and perspective on assessing and implementing change in your technological landscape,

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Session # 6971 : Enterprise CRM - Bringing the Campus Together

Session # 6673 : PeopleSoft and Slate - how a mid-sized school implemented Slate on our campus

Session # 6730 : Student Engagement in the Cloud: Migrating from PeopleSoft CRM to Oracle Engagement Cloud

Session # 6798 : Improving IT Service delivery: An ITIL Journey