What’s trending this month?

By Maureen Knight-Burrell posted 07-25-2014 08:52 AM


Well, we have completed LA-HEUG, MID-Atlantic, and SCHRUG, great job to everyone involved. We are in action mode for ADU, EMEA, ASIA, NEWHEUG, MIDHEUG, NERHEUG, and SEARUG. There is a lot going on in that arena. If you need more details on these conferences, follow this link. And of course Alliance 2015 is in planning mode, and we are all excited to see that plan unfold; go to the Alliance 2015 link to keep up with the planning activities as they progress.

Also trending is a plethora of blogs from your community; the TAG blogs are trending high right now. Keep up with the community news by subscribing to your favorite blogs so that you can be in the know about breaking news, best practices, and tips to help you on the job.

In addition, don’t forget to take advantage of this month’s webinar offerings. There are about 6-8 new webinars offered each month, and more than 3,500 of you have attended webinars so far in 2014. If you want to know how to get these webinars for free, click here and check out the terrific HEUG membership benefits.

Another area trending right now is changes to the institutional profile page. For example, in the profile section you will find new information icons, strategically placed on the page to provide additional information to help with the data entry process. We encourage you to update your institutional profile, and then tell us about your experience.

Thanks, and keep on trending!