Are you In-dy Mood to Present?

By Archive User posted 08-29-2012 04:51 AM


Last year was a fantastic year for the EBS Track with more sessions than ever before, more attendees attending EBS Track sessions ... and definitely more networking and if you missed it then you missed out! Who remembers the beads!!??

So to make this year better, we're on the look out for more sessions from you fantastic people who use EBS - we know you're out there and you all have stories to tell, tips to pass on, experiences to share.

Now, a while ago we sent out a survey that a number of you have completed - thank you! This gives the team some great feedback on what you liked, what you didn't and what you'd like at the Alliance this year, so here's what we're looking for:


I'm not saying this because we're desperate for sessions, I'm saying that because it really was a mixed bag of responses. After the last few years where many of us have been concentrating on the infamous R12 upgrade, most of us have navigated this successfully and now we're looking to garner the benefits from the upgrade and so the survey results reflected this. However, to give you some pointers here's some of the ideas people would like to see:

* 'i' everything - whether you've done iProcurement, iExpenses, iSupplier, iReceivables, iAssets etc etc etc. If its got an i at the front then we want to here from u. It doesn't have to be a recent development either. Many institutions are now looking to use this technology to streamline processes so if you'd like to share your experiences about your implementation (and the change management needed for these modules) then submit in a session.

* WebADI - R12 brought in the new WebADI with more functionality and its more customisable. If you're using it, developed it, conquered it then we want to here about it.

* Personalisation's - R12 brought in new ways to personalise / customise forms using standard functionality - how have you used it, have you been able to use it to replace customisations.

* Reporting and Budgeting - are you using Report Manager? Have you implemented OBIEE / BI Apps, Hyperion? Are you using xml publisher for monthly reports?

* For the Technical Teams - have you used SOA in you solutions, hooked in OID to your solution, built any custom apps using APEX or looked at some of the testing suites that are around to speed up testing for patches and customisations.

* ... and the infamous Sub-Ledger Accounting - have you used it with vigour to get better reporting, better MI or indeed have you also used the Financial Accounting Hub?

And remember, as the EBS Track we cover the whole spectrum of the solution. So whether you specialise in HCM, Purchasing, Collections, Grants, Projects, Payables, GL, Assets ... the list goes on and on for modules, or you're more inclined from the technology side like SOA, web services, databases and data warehousing, integration, middle tier, workflow and so on - if you think you have something that others can learn from, we want to know about it.

So, what do you get for presenting at the Alliance? Well, primary presenters of sessions selected get their conference fee waived saving around $500 for your institution as well as the primary presenter getting to see all the presentations as well and bringing back all those ideas on how to get more out of the system that you've invested in.

New for Indianapolis though is that that Conference Team have also allotted to each Track two mini sessions. These are shorter than normal sessions so if you feel that your presentation may not be long enough for a full session we'd still like a submission from you. (Please note that mini session presenters will not have a conference waiver BUT will have two nights accommodation at an Alliance Hotel waived instead).

So, what do you need at the moment. Well you will need the following:

* A session title

* A short description

* A long description

* A bit about you

Remember the more you put in your submission description the better as it allows the PAG to be able to assess the sessions better. You DON'T have to have the presentation ready now - these are not normally needed until around January so don't think you need to write the presentation before you submit a proposal.

To submit a session, go to<> and follow the links for the 'Call For Proposals'.

Lastly, remember that this email is only going to HEUG Members who subscribe to the EBS Discussion Boards so your colleagues may not get this if they don't subscribe (or more shockingly not a member). Pass it on, sign them up - remember its free to join! All they need to do is go to the 'Request Login' link at the top right of<> and they to can have access to the plethora of knowledge that exists in the EBS Track members!

So that's it. If you have a story to tell, we want to here about it. The Alliance Conference is only as good as its presenters and the sessions and stories told. Lets make Indianapolis a fantastic conference.