Advisory Group Summit 2019: Our Gateway to Alliance 2019

By Buddy Combs posted 01-20-2019 08:49 PM


Over the past three years, I have enjoyed the opportunity in helping facilitate the HEUG Advisory Groups and organizing our two-day Summit.  These few years have taught me the ins and outs of planning the HEUG Summit and in part the Alliance Conference.  From tasting food options, oh this is harder than it sounds when you know your feeding 150+ members all with different tastes!  Working with the HEUG Team (big shout out to Lizda & Sarah) to review scheduling of rooms and layouts, and most of all the over cost of the Summit, always a challenge for a finance guy who has a lock & key on his own wallet!  Been an honor to work with all the talented Advisory Group individuals who volunteer their time to help all HEUG Members.  For those who are not aware, our Advisory Groups represent the HEUG membership and their communities on:

  • Business challenges and opportunities as expressed by HEUG members
  • Monitoring and collecting information of current topics of interest from the HEUG community
  • Strategic and tactical developments, and end to end business process solutions to improve shared understanding of current, planned and potential functionality, and usability of products and services for HEUG members
  • Prioritization of key initiatives in consultation with the Board
  • Connecting their HEUG community members to collectively advocate and education each other

Would encourage you while attending Alliance search out Advisory Group members and introduce yourself and says thanks for all the hard work accomplished on your behalf.

 Summit 2019 (2).PNG


To help our Advisory Groups and our Alliance 2019 Conference Team provide you with a pleasurable experience during the conference, we encourage you to complete your Agenda using the Agenda Builder on the mobile App. To help you build your agenda check out the instruction videos!  By completing your agenda, the Conference Team and your Track Chairs can provide a safe environment, plus a smoother conference experience for everyone.