Summary of the October Financial Aid Advisory Group Coffee Break

By Shawn Trauntvein posted 10-30-2020 09:46 AM


Aid Year Rollover

Do not make a mistake doing aid year rollover, it is hard to recover. As far as timing, some schools have completed theirs, others are at least part way through. There are a couple of things to watch when doing this. A couple of schools are having issues with the rollover not rolling over related item types always. Someone was wondering if it has to do with inactive item types, so maybe the related item types are connected. This started about two years ago. Another school found that on repackaging plans that the validate piece that was on some of them would not rollover. So those are a couple of things to watch for when you do aid year rollover. We had a discussion about whether to have the override aid year checkbox marked unless it is seen that it is needed when reviewing the logs. Multiple schools pointed out the importance of looking at the logs. Most schools roll tables all at once. If you have tested, and you are sure about what might be overwritten, you can leave the override aid year checked. Some schools look at the logs prior to deciding whether or not to check the Aid Year Override box based on the existence of tables that didn’t roll because there was already some data there.


When do most schools send out award letters?

They were usually between December and April. Most schools tend to be earlier. One school starts sending offers in October. Some schools have been sharing on the listserv examples of the award letters they are using.


SAP topic

NASFAA U training on SAP. What if you figure out that a student will not be able to meet SAP prior to them reaching maximum time frame, how are you accounting for that? One school is doing regular SAP runs, and then if you are over 60 credits is identifying students that will not be able to graduate within 150%. Related to that is the question of how do you determine which classes are eligible for financial aid for that student.


INAS Patch

A POC is out that appears to correct the previously found issues in College Board’s INAS calculator. PUM Image 19 is due out soon, followed two weeks later by a PRP. [At the time of the call we were expecting PUM 19 to be out on time and the PRP to be right out after that, but the timing has since been delayed for two weeks by Oracle.] Testing EFC once INAS is run, compare EFC after INAS calculations on ISIR_COMPUTED (using ISIR_CONTROL to match up with transactions) to the original EFC that came in on ISIR records that are in the ISIR_2_EC. One school has already sent out their query. [A couple of more of us sent ours out after the call.]