Welcome, The Tambellini Group, to the HEUG

By Scott Balthazor posted 04-02-2018 03:54 PM


As part of our growing mission of the HEUG, one of the goals for 2018 is to create strategic partnerships that add value for our members and your organizations. We are excited to announce the first of these strategic partnerships, The Tambellini Group!

The Tambellini Group is the world’s leading independent research and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education. As part of this new strategic partnership, HEUG members can now join Tambellini and receive exclusive benefits designed specifically for our members. In addition to access to a member portal, research, and industry analysts, HEUG members will receive extra benefits including one additional user and two additional ad-hoc analyst hours in their memberships. 

“In a changing IT landscape, HEUG member institutions are seeking affordable and unbiased advisory services. The opportunity to offer member benefits from Tambellini is extraordinary and we are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership,” said Terry Houser, HEUG Vice President of Technology.

Tambellini members report an average of 410% membership return on investment and an accelerated time to technology decision making. Tambellini provides all of its members with in-depth research and analysis on strategic higher education technology trends, including Student Information Systems (SIS), Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaSS), and Business Intelligence (BI). Tambellini also covers departmental level technologies, including Recruitment/Admissions, Grants Management, Financial Aid, Student Retention, Career Services, and Advancement/Alumni.

“We are delighted to work with HEUG to deliver targeted advisory services to meet the needs of the HEUG community,” said Katelyn Ilkani, Vice-President and Director of Client Services of The Tambellini Group. The HEUG represents more than 900 campuses globally, and The Tambellini Group’s affordable, unbiased research and analysis is accessible to them online.

In addition, Tambellini will be begin immediately contributing to the HEUG via strategic webinars, content and whitepapers throughout the year focused on the challenges facing HEUG member institutions. As part of this announcement we are excited to announce the first of these new Strategic Webinars, "GDPR and U.S. Higher Education Institutions," being presented on April 24th at 1PM EDT. For more information and to register please visit: 

The agreement was formally announced during Alliance18 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For more information on The Tambellini Group, please visit or email Katelyn Ilkani at

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