Moving Forward Together

By Jason Wenrick posted 06-08-2020 01:27 PM


Greetings and can you believe we are already moving into June 2020? In some ways this year is passing by so fast, and yet in other ways, 2019 seems like a million years ago. I can only imagine what each and every one of you and your family, friends, and colleagues are dealing with both professionally and personally, and I hope we can all find strength in our solidarity and knowing that we are not going down this path alone.

I want to give a huge KUDOS/THANK YOU/YOU ARE AMAZING to our HEUG support team and our HEUG Planning Team for rapidly transitioning our Annual Alliance Conference from an in-person event to a virtual week-long event…. The first of its kind in our nearly 20-year history. I know that the personal interactions and social aspects were definitely missed, but the collaboration and community were definitely still there. I don’t know what the future may hold, but I am confident that the strong community of the HEUG will be able to rise to meet whatever challenges may come our way.

And speaking of the future, it is my honor and privilege to welcome and introduce Mike Russell as our new President-Elect. Mike will be taking on the role of President in March 2021 and I look forward to assisting him to develop his vision for this wonderful organization!

Stay safe AND sane out there and be kind to one another. We are all in this together.




Jason Wenrick

HEUG President