Community Spotlight - Academic Advising

By Sarah Bryan posted 09-30-2020 02:06 PM



Academic Advising

The Academic Advisement Community brings novice and expert product administrators and users together in an environment that allows for the mutual sharing of helpful information.

With a focus on delivered functionality that supports the advisement process; institution specific modifications that tailor the delivered product for individual and institution preferences; and bolt-on functionality that expands the software’s usefulness for advisement practitioners beyond what is delivered.  

Community homepage 
webinar series

Webinar Series
Educational presentations bringing members hot topics, relevant trainings, & useful demonstrations.

webinar series
discussion forums

Discussion Forums
A place for members to discuss issues, share knowledge, & talk about products or services.

discussion forums
file libraries

File Libraries
Users have the ability to share multiple documents with other members through our categorized online file storage.

file libraries