Nominations and Elections - Your Chance to Get Involved!

By Jane Broad posted 09-19-2019 12:00 PM


Nominations and Elections - Your Chance to Get Involved!

It’s HEUG nominations and elections season!  You will have already seen (and maybe even responded to) the call for nominations for our Advisory Groups. Being part of an Advisory Group is a fantastic opportunity to work as part of a small, focused, multi-institution (and often global) team. An AG Member may be involved in a number of ways from seeking out best practice, working together on white papers, to working with Oracle strategists to discuss and understand new and requested functionality. All to fulfill their duty to support our HEUG communities through education and advocacy.

More recently, as Past President, I have put out a call for nominations for one of our international regional representatives – an important role representing the EMEA community on our newly formed Global Council and a role obviously very close to my heart!

I am now working with a small Nominations & Elections Committee to start the process of seeking nominations for the HEUG Board of Directors.

As HEUG President, Jason Wenrick’s blog in August advised, the Board of Directors has recently voted to reduce it’s size by one third from 24 to 16, to be more in line with sector benchmarks.  Other changes were also approved.  From this year, Board elections will no longer be based on “reserved” spaces for various institution types. Rather, it is imperative that the Board of Directors represent the diversity of our membership in all ways: we seek to achieve gender/gender identity and ethnicity inclusion, be balanced in geography, and have a slate with members representing a variety of institution types, products and institutional roles. The role of the N&E Committee is to propose a slate of candidates most likely to achieve the desired balance in most or all of these areas.

I’m excited to be leading the implementation of this change in my capacity as Past President and hope that these changes spark interest in many potential future Directors of this global Higher Education User Group!


Jane Broad

Past President

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