Keeping Up with the Changes

By Scott Balthazor posted 10-30-2018 05:54 AM


Change can be scary (don't think I'm the first to say this). Especially when it involves multi-million dollar systems and processes, used by thousands of students, faculty and staff. Heck we have an entire Community and Advisory Group dedicated just to this (the fantastic Product and Change Management Advisory Group). The HEUG is no different though and we are constantly working with members and evaluating how we can change to better support you to maximize your investement you've made in those systems (and us!). So what change can you expect?

  1. New discussion lists focused on Oracle Cloud products and other areas that you have requested. You'll see announcements rolling those out in November.
  2. We have officially rolled out our new Community Spotlights. Each month we are focusing on one or two specific areas with webinars, blogs, discussions and more so you can get a deep dive into issues facing our members. Visit our new Spotlight Blog to see what is coming up each month.
  3. Planning for our 12 (yup TWELVE) regional events for 2019 are underway. We'll be announcing all the dates and locations soon so you can start planning on joining us close to your home. Want to help plan one of these? Email us and we'll get you connected. It's a great way to dip a toe into volunteering with the HEUG!!
  4. And we don't want to give too much away...but our entire team is working on updating the HEUG.Online to make it easier to find information (and easier on the eyes). More to come on that soon...

Is there something not on that list above you think we should be looking at or changing? Our team is here to help.

And lastly...if you want to keep up on all the latest change, make sure to join one or more of our great discussion lists and start sharing ideas. You'll find links below for all of them. Forward them on to anyone on your team at your institution to help get them involved.

Together we make the change manageable!



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