The power of online video (and presentation) to change the world

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I read this great article today on one of my favorite blogs (Presentation Zen) called "The power of online video (and presentation) to change the world".

The article centers around a presentation (a TED Talk, no relation) called "How web video powers global innovation." It is about 18 minutes long and may change the way you think about the web, conferences, and communication. It changed the way I think . . .


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So, he makes great points about "crowd accelerated innovation" and the many-to-many communication capabilities of the web. Good stuff. (On a more technical presentation-wonk note, he is using Prezi, which should change the way you think about PowerPoint slide decks. His Prezi is here.)

OK, so what? Why is this interesting (or, why should it be interesting) to HEUG members? Well, what if web video could help us power global innovation? What if some of us took up that same challenge that Lil Demon called out in his video to "step your game up"? Too silly? Too web 2.0? Not real work? Consider this video on You Tube:

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The pros and cons of this approach were discussed recently on HEUG Online (see: New Skins (Front-Ends) to Student Center). The point I am trying to make here, though, is that our model of sharing may be shifting, changing, growing. Are we ready?



10-11-2010 03:45 PM

Thank you!

Thanks Varsha -- for reading and commenting. I think we are faced with an increasingly complex challenge of providing educational experiences for a wide range of audiences of all ages around the globe. How we meet that challenge will define how successful we will be in the future. I have all of the confidence in the world that we will be successful. See you in Denver!


10-11-2010 03:13 PM

Great discussion

Great discussion Ted. Very "outside the box" thinking.