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By Lisa Skinner posted 03-08-2013 06:36 AM


We are just over 1 week away from Alliance 2013 in Indianapolis!  We hope to see all your smiling faces this year.  Through the efforts everyone in the eBS Community, we are proud to provide you with additional sessions this year.  We encourage you to build your agenda now.  Here’s the link to the Full Agenda.  Build your personal agenda by selecting “Build Your Agenda” from “My Registration”. You can narrow your search to the Oracle EBS track.  Keep in mind we have several mini sessions listed in the Mini Sessions track this year and the Fusion Sessions are listed under Special Sessions.  With multiple sessions in the same timeslot, you will have some tough decisions to make!

In preparation for all the fun activities at Alliance, here are some reminders and invitations:

Stop and Share –There will be one Stop and Share session each day (Mon-Wed).  These are sessions where attendees can recommend a topic and facilitate a session.  This year, the conference is allowing early submission of a Stop and Share topic.  To submit one for early consideration, please follow this link: Stop and Share Sessions.   

To get you all in the spirit of networking with your peers, here are some sessions and events you won’t want to miss:

Sunday, March 17th 3:00PM-4:30PM: EBS Community Session – Hosted by Matt Blandford (assisted by me), this is the session to get you connected with members of the EBS Community, the Product Advisory Group (PAG) and provide information about how to make the most out of the Alliance.

Sunday, March 17th 4:30PM-6:00PM: Mix and MingleImmediately following the Community Session, we will be heading to the Mix and Mingle.  Come continue getting to know us!  Make sure to wear green as we’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day too! 

Monday, March 18th  ~8:30PM - ???: EBS Community SocialFor those of you that can’t get enough of us or those folks that can’t join us on Sunday, please join members from the PAG for some evening socializing.  Place TBD.  We’ll be emailing and tweeting so check for our messages and tweets!

Tuesday, March 19th 11:00AM-12:00PM: EBS Birds of a FeatherJoin Todd Harrison as he discusses what the EBS PAG has been doing this past year and what it means for you.

Oracle Involvement:

Thanks to our wonderful Oracle Strategist, Joe Addeo, we have several Oracle experts presenting again this year.  Some of you may remember Julie Bullock, Elke Phelps and Gustavo Jiminez.  We are fortunate to have them returning this year!  Be sure to check out their sessions and say “Hi!”

Members of the EBS Product Advisory Group (PAG) will be arriving from Wednesday 13th March so if you are arriving early, let us know and we can start the networking.   Please send an email to Matt Blandford or Lisa Skinner with your name and number if you would like to meet up!   

Finally, be sure to follow us on twitter!  @HEUGeBS

We hope to see many of you in a few weeks!

Safe travels!

PS Look out for our Celebrity Guest at the Mix and Mingle

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EBS Rocks!

Can't wait to get to Alliance, who is the celebrity guest?