It's all about membership

By Archive User posted 04-16-2010 04:28 PM


It's not exactly D-day yet, but from this week on, HEUG members will all be made aware of the BIG change coming up with the new HEUG Business Model. The main message here is: HEUG will start charging membership fees. Of course HEUG has been working on making sure your institution gets their 'bucks' worth out of the program. While a paid, institutional membership is not a requirement those institutions choosing to participate at the institutional membership level instead of the subscriber membership level will be getting added value to the HEUG.Online. This involves some research on your part, finding the right person at your institution to make the decision to become a member. HEUG is using your reported IPEDS data or equivalent for non-US schools to determine a fair fee structure. The enrollment procedure, documentation and everything else you would like to know about HEUG membership and how the HEUG evolved into the new business model, you can find on