Top of Mind with The Tambellini Group Podcast: Developing Top-Notch Employees

By Katelyn Ilkani posted 10-28-2019 08:09 AM


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Arizona State University’s human resources department has developed a strategy and adopted tools to attract and retain top talent at one of the largest public universities in the United States. ASU offers employees leadership and workforce development programs and tuition reduction. Additionally, HR recruiters highlight ASU’s innovation and influence and its universal learning program for applicants to complete their education while working.

Listen: Developing Top-Notch Employees

Highlights include:

  • How ASU works within the limits of a public institution budget to attract candidates.
  • ASU’s “EDGE” strategy for retaining talent—Engagement, Development, Growth, and Empowerment.
  • How Cornerstone helped ASU create a learning environment that empowers its employees.
  • The implementation and training process.
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