HEUG Advisory Groups

Creating educational programs to help members understand new technology and deployment options and providing recommendations in future impact of product design and development priorities.

Election Process

In accordance with the current AG Charter Mission, Advisory Groups must maintain global diversity and balance by careful consideration of the appropriate mix of types of institutions and geographical representation. Each Advisory Group should be represented with members with functional and/or technical experience.

The structure of the AG will incorporate two categories of membership, Full Voting and Alternate. Alternate membership will provide a level of flexibility to the AG each cycle should a specific skill, geographic or institutional category balance be required.

The election process for Full Voting members will consist of two phases, a Nomination Process and an Election Process. The Nomination Process will begin with each AG compiling a list of the open Full Voting member positions and creating a list of needed skills for each of the open positions. These lists will be submitted to the HEUG Nomination & Elections Committee (N&E) to validate that the skill sets are applicable to a wide category of potential candidates. Once approved, communications will begin with a call for nominations listing the open positions and skill sets required. In order to qualify as a candidate, the nominee must be an employee of a paid Institutional Member of HEUG and both the institution and nominee must have up to date HEUG profiles.

Once nominations close, each AG will then review and recommend the qualified nominees for the slate of candidates for election to the HEUG N&E Committee for a final check of the eligibility of the slated candidates. If a nominee is considered unqualified to stand for election to the AG, the N&E committee will consult with both the AG and the nominee to resolve any issues.

With an approved slate of candidates, the N&E Committee will prepare the ballot for the HEUG General Election. It is imperative that voters for a specific AG have some level of knowledge of/interest in the issues that involve the AG in order to vote, so eligibility to vote for a candidate for a specific AG will be restricted to those HEUG Members who have subscribed to the specific discussion forum(s) related to the AG.

Voting eligibility requires a subscription to one discussion forum related to the Advisory Group.

Campus Student Finance Support Advisory Group (Oracle/PeopleSoft)

Constituent Experience

Human Capital Management Advisory Group

Project and Change Management Advisory Group

Finance Advisory Group

Technical & Reporting Advisory Group

The candidate(s) with the greatest number of votes in each Advisory Group category will be elected to the AG Advisory Group. In order to encourage access to membership in the AGs, diversity in Advisory Groups and maximum participation by institutions of the HEUG, each AG/ voting member is elected for a three year term and may be re-elected for an additional three year term through the prescribed election process. An individual is limited to a maximum of 7 years of service on any one AG.

Alternate Members are appointed to a one year term by the AG members following the conclusion of the election process and once new members have been on-boarded. All AG members who hold positions concurrent with the implementation of this new election process will be allowed to complete their terms with the AG. Once their current terms have ended, they will be subject to the new elections processes and term limit restrictions.

If you have questions or need additional information please contact us at support@heug.org.