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2021 HEUG Hall of Fame

By Brittany Moon posted 03-16-2021 09:24 AM


I am honored to once again be presenting the inductees of the 2021 HEUG Hall of Fame. The HEUG first began the Hall of Fame at the 2011 Alliance Conference and each inductee is nominated by HEUG members and shows a commitment in 4 key areas:  

  • Demonstrated leadership in important initiatives that advance the HEUG  
  • Outstanding service to HEUG Membership  
  • Respected as a professional by those inside the higher education industry  
  • Sustained contribution to the HEUG 

This year, we have two inductees who exemplify this commitment! 

Our first new inductee has been actively engaging with the HEUG for over 20 years.  @Stu Churchill-Hoyer, SIS Analyst/Senior Info Tech Strategic Consultant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has made a significant impact in the HEUG community as well as Alliance. Stu’s commitment to the organization is best demonstrated through his knowledge sharing, working tirelessly each year to provide information, training, and expertise to all HEUG members.  He has presented at Alliance on over 20+ occasions, as well HEUG Education Series Webinars, frequent contributions to HEUG Community, earning himself the title of HEUG Power User as well as master badges for his engagement on the listservs, blog post and best practice sharing in the file libraries. 

Stu is known and respected globally as a Campus Solutions expert, and now as a cloud implementation expert. He has travelled to all 6 of the HEUG global regions, helping with implementations and upgrades, providing functional training, and offering advice. His is almost a singular voice in the higher education industry and is listened to by people at all levels of member institutions, decision makers at Oracle and other vendors partners. The simplest way to explain his unique position in higher ed is to say that the name “Stu” by itself is all it takes to make people stop and listen, attend that session, or call into that zoom. 

Stu brings enthusiasm and energy to every project and encourages others to do the same.  It is my great honor to present Stu this induction into the HEUG Hall of fame. 


Our second inductee to the Hall of Fame is an example of professionalism and leadership at its finest.  @Steve Hahn, former Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at the University of Wisconsin Madison has been serving and leading the HEUG organization for over 10 years.  Within the HEUG community and the education industry as a whole Steve is highly respected for his leadership, strategic thinking, and calm demeanor that has suited the organization well while engaging with our vendor partners as well as setting strategic direction during difficult times. Whether it is answering Arabic questions without translation during a press conference at the University of Dammam, or engaging with the audience at Javariana University, HEUG members globally have sought him out for his opinions, advice and thought leadership in relation to higher education, enrollment, and information technology, and many to this day continue to consult him to establish strategic alliances. 

During his time on the HEUG Board, Steve served in leadership roles immediately after election, becoming a Vice President and serving on the HEUG Executive team.  Shortly, after, Steve was elected President for two years and Past President for multiple terms.  During Steve’s time on the board he served and led many strategic initiatives including restructuring the governance of the HEUG, engaging, and establishing several regional groups,  

I would like to personally thank Steve for his dedication, thought leadership and contributions to the HEUG community that will continue to serve our organization for years to come and it is my great honor to present Steve this induction into the HEUG Hall of Fame! ​​