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Introducing HEUG Famous: Jamie Polizzi - Nurturing Knowledge and Community

By Brittany Moon posted 09-07-2023 12:53 PM


The HEUG community has always been rich in talent and dedication. As we embark on another chapter of our 'HEUG Famous' blog series, we're ecstatic to spotlight Jamie Polizzi. With an impressive trajectory in the higher education sector, Jamie stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Let’s uncover Jamie's story and explore how HEUG has influenced her professional journey. 

Catching Up with Jamie Polizzi 

  • Current Role: Jamie proudly serves as the PeopleSoft admissions functional lead at The University of Texas at Dallas. Beginning her journey in 2009 as a student worker, her growth and dedication are evident. 
  • Navigating the New Work Landscape: Jamie's shift from on-site to a hybrid work model was met with its own set of challenges, particularly in striking the right work-life balance. While she appreciates the flexibility of remote work, she emphasizes that fostering consistent communication and staying connected with her team remains paramount. In this evolving work environment, Jamie believes that team connectivity is not just a priority, but a necessity for professional harmony and success. 

  • Tech Expertise: Jamie's primary playground is PeopleSoft, especially the Campus Solutions module. 
  • HEUG Beginnings: 2013 was a transformative year for Jamie. Attending her first regional conference, she embarked on her HEUG adventure aiming to expand her network and knowledge. 
  • HEUG Involvement: From feeling a tad overwhelmed at her first event to presenting at national and regional events, Jamie's involvement has been profound. She also proudly serves on the Admissions Advisory Group since 2020. 
  • Treasured HEUG Moments: For Jamie, the heart of HEUG lies in the community's penchant for knowledge sharing. The joy of being told that her shared insights have benefited others remains unparalleled. 
  • Favorite HEUG Conference Destination: Seattle - where the rain and trees mesmerize. 

  • Why HEUG?: Networking, camaraderie, and a global platform for knowledge sharing makes the HEUG special for Jamie. 
  • Jamie's Work Mantra: Empower those around you, and never cease the quest for learning and improvement. 
  • Tech Fascinations: Jamie has a curious eye for optimizing and enhancing current software features. 
  • Beyond the Desk: In her leisure, Jamie indulges in reading, writing, and strumming the bass. 
  • A Nugget for HEUG Newbies: Dive into the HEUG world without hesitation. The community brims with so much knowledge. Embrace it, question it, and equally, share yours. 

A Heartfelt Thanks 

Our gratitude to Jamie for offering a peek into her HEUG journey. Every story like Jamie's fortifies the ethos of HEUG – fostering collaboration, shared learning, and community spirit. 

Now, we turn to you, our cherished community members. Who, in your circles, embodies the spirit and dedication characteristic of HEUG? Share your nominations below for our upcoming HEUG Famous spotlight. It’s time to laud those behind-the-scenes champions who invigorate the HEUG ethos daily. 

Keep an eye out for more tales that inspire and unite. Together, let's amplify the essence of HEUG – a family connected by shared goals and camaraderie.

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09-08-2023 12:45 PM

Just want to add a Thank you to Jamie for all she does - I've been in a number of her trainings and she's great.  Thank you!