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By Colette Gillespie posted 05-21-2020 06:15 AM


The ERP/HCM Cloud Advisory Group has been working collaboratively over the past year to establish a network of Higher Education peers who will share experiences as well as help guide new institutions toward Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM.

Some of the regular activities that are taking place are within the Oracle Cloud ERM/HCM area are:

  1. Institutions on Oracle Cloud Group - Monthly Call
    • The mission of the Institutions on Oracle Cloud Group is to establish a collaborative coalition amongst Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, BICS and HCM customers within higher education for the primary purpose of establishing best practices through (1) the developement of information sharing tools and consensus building activities relative to current releases, and (2) to collectively enhance and influence Oracle's critical development paths for future releases.

2.  Oracle Cloud Discussion Groups - these groups share information freely from anything as high-level as "how to Choose an implementation Partner" to as detailed as "Sub-ledger Accounting Rule setup."

3.  Peer institution reference - Institutions that are live on Oracle Cloud are a very generous group - willing to share implementation experiences, lessons learned and functional expertise.

The Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM group is here to help and excited to share our experiences at the upcoming Virtual Alliance.

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05-22-2020 10:01 AM

Your statement: "Institutions that are live on Oracle Cloud are a very generous group"

I wholeheartedly agree with this comment, Colette! So many people in this community have volunteered their time to share their expertise with others. Thank you for your leadership on the ERP/HCM Cloud Advisory Group!