Unfortunately, failure is an option

By Dan Powell posted 02-13-2023 01:09 PM


The role of CX is not only to improve student experience, but also make life easier for staff through process improvement, automation and providing a timely, relevant digital experience to support their work. 

I think we have all seen and read about the number of failed CRM-related applications.  I know I have firsthand experience of both failed and successful implementations.  The ones that fail seem to have a common thread and so do the ones that succeed. 

The failures seem to stem from an incomplete vision of the entire CX journey such as not recognizing the experience for the staff that have to work through a new application.  The staff's work is supporting their customers – students, faculty, staff, alumni, or our global community.  And, a new application that only adds to a staff's existing workload has a very high probability of never being adopted.  It could be championed and developed with the best of intentions.  But, if you do not address the CX for the staff, the application's value proposition is diminished. 

The successes on the other hand, considers the multiple lenses of the CX journey.  It focuses on the value add to all parts of the CX journey: thinking through the end customer, the staff, and other stakeholder experiences.  It accepts where the staff is today and where they want to be; what they can change and what they cannot.  These complete solutions recognize that staff typically work through many technologies to deliver service.  Thus, these successful CRM applications deliver an engagement layer that helps staff seamlessly (as possible) navigate through a suite of technologies.  The successful applications create personal and meaningful experiences for both the staff and their constituents.

What has been your experience?