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TRAG R&A-Did You Know - Data Masking

By Dede Young posted 25 days ago


PeopleTools 8.58 – New Security-Conscious Functionality


Did you know that PeopleTools 8.58 comes with new functionality that allows users to mask the output of PII (personally identifiable information), AKA PID (personally identifiable data) in PS Query?

There appears to be a good deal of configuration necessary (don’t forget security!) in using Data Masking, as well as some ‘gotchas’, so be sure to explore before use.  Read more about it in PeopleBooks and log in to My Oracle Support for the full New Feature Overview document.


Understanding Query Administration:


Masking of Data in Search Results:


My Oracle Support:

Oracle's PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.58 New Features Overview


Check out this Oracle blog:

Watch for a full blog article on Data Masking in PS Query!