TRAG-Schedule Queries to Email Output

By Dede Young posted 05-22-2023 07:47 AM


Query Beginners: Did You Know That You Can Schedule Queries to Email Output to End Users?

If you are new to PS Query, or even if you aren’t, you may be unaware of the ability to schedule queries.  Queries may be scheduled from Query Viewer or Query Manager, and is available based upon the user’s access.  After searching for the query, simply click on the  Schedule link corresponding with the query name. 

Add a run control ID

If the query has prompts, enter the prompt value then click Apply.

This will bring the user to the Process Scheduler Request page.  Enter the appropriate server, run date, run time, and/or Recurrence.  In the *Type drop-down, select Email.  Select an appropriate *Format, for example XLS.  Click the “Distribution” link.

Enter the email subject and message text.  Enter an email address list, separated with semi-colons.

Click OK, then OK, then OK again (whew!).  By default, the scheduler may also receive a copy of the email with the file attached.

Scheduling regularly-run queries may aid in reducing daily or weekly runs of the same query, freeing up time to write new queries!

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05-23-2023 09:51 AM

Excellent blog, thank you!  One thing I like to do when possible, is to use a role name in the Distribution area.  That way, as staff change positions I don't need to update the distribution list.