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Alliance 2024: Share the Cactus & the Rose!

By Joshua Vincent posted 09-26-2023 04:56 PM


Hello HEUG Community! 

Like many of you, my anticipation is growing for the upcoming Alliance 2024 conference. As I think about a chance to see the Grand Canyon and imagine the scent of spring in the air, I also thought of the incredible presentations I've enjoyed over these many years with the HEUG. As always, one of the main attractions are these community-led presentations, and that's where you come in. We're officially opening the floor for proposal submissions, and we can't wait to hear what you've been up to! 

Every Rose Has Its Thorns 🌹 

Finding presentation topics isn't as challenging as it might first seem: There’s the conventional post-implementation success stories, the show-and-tells, panels showcasing differing approaches and experiences, and the ‘Spaghetti Western’s Good-Bad-and-Ugly.’ 

For inspiration, our family introduced a philosophy assessing each day -- we invite everyone to share "What was today's rose? And what was today's thorn?" And such exists among the most interesting presentation styles: "Every Rose Has Its Thorns." Life isn't a bed of roses, especially in the realm of higher education technology implementations. Your institution's journey through technological transformation is bound to have had its share of bright blooms and prickly thorns. So why not share the full bouquet with your peers? 

The Blooms 🌹 

Think about your recent accomplishments and the work your institution has underway today. Did your team successfully implement a new Learning Management System to increase student engagement? Or perhaps you're in the midst of streamlining some administrative processes, in the hopes of making life a little easier for everyone on campus. We want to hear about these blooming marvels! 

The Thorns 🌵 

But let's be real; it isn't all sunshine and roses. As we head into the desert, we know there are thorns on the cactus. Maybe you ran into technical challenges, unmet expectations, or perhaps you had to navigate the labyrinthine world of institutional politics to get your project off the ground. Your challenges—your 'thorns'—are equally valuable to the community. They offer hard-won lessons that can help others avoid similar pitfalls.  

The Full Bouquet 💐 

The most compelling stories often involve a mix of success and struggle. How did you overcome the thorns to let your project bloom? Your journey, with all its ups and downs, can provide invaluable insights to others walking a similar path. 

What if my garden is just being planted now? 🌱 

The Call for Proposals has a deadline of October 6, but that doesn't mean your project has to be concluded before then. We welcome and encourage near real-time feedback about projects that are underway today where you'll have gained lots of insights to share by the conference date too! 

How to Submit Your Proposal

Submitting your proposal is as simple as 1-2-3! 

  1. Prepare Your Abstract: Write a catchy title and attention-grabbing paragraph outlining the main points of your presentation.
  2. Select Your Format: Choose from different formats like panels, workshops, or traditional presentations.
  3. Submit:  Visit the Alliance 2024 website to upload your proposal. 

Submission Information is available here, which features the Alliance Conference presentation guidelines 

  • Call for Proposals**: September 6 – October 6, 2023 
  • General Membership Voting: October 9–10, 2023 

  • Submission Results Notification: October 25, 2023 

  • Confirm Your Presentation: October 27, 2023 

Why Should You Present? 

  • Professional Development: Enhance your public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals who face similar challenges.
  • Recognition: Gain recognition for your hard work and innovative solutions.
  • Community Contribution: Give back to the community by sharing your knowledge and experiences. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gardening gloves, and let's cultivate a garden of knowledge together at Alliance 2024! 

Best regards, 

Josh Vincent
President, Higher Education User Group (HEUG)