Oracle launches mobile user experience design patterns

By Kathy Miedema posted 12-05-2012 03:43 PM



Use Oracle’s mobile design patterns to design iPhone, Android, or browser-based smartphone applications, because mobile design requires a different way of thinking. The Applications User Experiece team is sharing Oracle’s mobile design patterns and their baked-in, scientifically proven usability to enable applications developers to build mobile apps quickly.

These design patterns are common solutions that applications developers can easily apply across all application suite products. They are crafted using the user experience team’s insight into Oracle Fusion Middleware, and the patterns are designed to work with the mobile technology provided by the Oracle Application Development Framework. Read more about the patterns on VoX, the Voice of User Experience blog. Keep reading about design patterns here:

  • A blog post on mobile design patterns from Ultan O’Broin, a frequent speaker on user experience design patterns from Oracle.
  • Ultan also recently completed a podcast on Fusion Applications design patterns and what they can do for developers.
  • More links for developers.
  • Who else is talking about the release of design patterns from the Apps UX team? Read Floyd Teter’s blog to see what this ACE Director is saying.