AA PAG Newsletter

By Kelly Wilker posted 07-21-2015 08:15 AM


AAPAG Newsletter


Did you know that AAPAG is now on TWITTER!!!!

us at AAPAG @AdvisementPAG!!!


Welcome to this addition of the AAPAG Newsletter.

As a PAG we are trying to keep our AA Community up-to-date with all sorts of news. We will now include things such as PET requests, important Dates, questions we might ask of you, upcoming webinars, conference updates, PAG Elections, questions from our community, Oracle’s announcements, surveys, HEUG updates, etc. 

We will also throw in something that is completely off the radar, such as an area of “Did you know” (sort of like Trivia) or “And Finally” (funny quotes to help you make it through the day).  Make sure you read these, you never know when they show
up again in the future….

Mark your calendars for Alliance 2016!  Check out the highlight updates at


Interested in Webinars????  

Check out the upcoming schedule for the HEUG Education Series by logging into>About the HEUG>Education Series>Current Schedule OR you can click on this link


AA Blog  

Stay tuned with the AAPAG by following the Academic Advisement Blog by clicking on this link

We will be posting all Newsletters on the Blog as well as on Twitter.


Questions we have for YOU!!!  


QUESTION:  how many know about “My Oracle Support”? It is a wealth of knowledge and we can try and help you navigate through it. 
Let us know what you would like to know and we can try and help you!


HEUG Updates!!!!

Are you a Volunteer? HEUG is always looking for Volunteers!  Click on the link to check out the Volunteer Opportunities on the HEUG Website.  Log into HEUG and under “Member links” click on “Volunteer Opportunities” or you can click here


Important Dates!! 

Mark your Calendars with these upcoming dates (they are very important to remember:

Bundle 38 Pre-Release Notes July 6, 2015 - already released if you have not seen it yet

Bundle 38 released July 24, 2015

ALLIANCE 2016 - Call for Proposals Opens August 19, 2015

ALLIANCE 2016 - Call for Proposals Closes October 9, 2015

ALLIANCE 2016 - Agenda Released and Housing Opens November 4, 2015

ALLIANCE 2016 - Registration Opens November 11, 2015

ALLIANCE 2016 - Early-bird Registration Closes January 8, 2016


DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR US!  Let us know and we can post on next Newsletter Edition!!!


DID YOU KNOW? That the next Alliance Conference is in the “Emerald City” – The city was given the nickname by tourism officials, who were promoting SEATTLE as “The Emerald City” in the mid-1980s.  This is mostly due to the lush, green forests of WASHINGTON and the more than 6,000 acres of parks within the city limits.

AND FINALLY - Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose - Bill Gates

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