Product Enhancement Tracker Voting Needed

By Kelly Wilker posted 02-26-2016 12:34 PM



Academic Advisement Community!              

 We need your help!  It’s that time of year again to vote on the issues in the PET!  This needs to be done prior to Alliance 2016.

 Product Enhancement Tracker TIP!

The Product Enhancement Tracker (PET) is a place for our members to submit software enhancement requests to be advocated, ranked, reviewed and tracked.  The Product Enhancement Tracker File Library is also available with more resources.  Click a type below to start getting involved.  If you have a question or wish to share something with your colleagues please use Forums instead, for software bugs please use My Oracle Support

  1. To add an issue to the PET, the member must first submit a service request to My Oracle Support and receive a SR number
  2. The member may log the issue here to have other HEUG members view and rank the issue.
  3. Reviewing and ranking the issues are vital in assisting the AA PAG committee in identifying those to discuss with Oracle strategists.

There are currently 31 Active issues posted to the Academic Advising PET (click on the link  Please vote on the issues in the upcoming weeks before Alliance.  Use the handy menu icon  on the Academic Advising PET page to “Vote on all Enhancements” and/or click the issue(s) to view full detail and vote.  Your votes in the PET reveal which issues are the most relevant to the members and their institutions!


Your Advisory Group!