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Connecting with Experts

By Kelly Wilker posted 22 days ago




​The HEUG is expanding its opportunities to connect with others in the community. Soon, you will have the ability to not only search for other by name or organization but even better, you will be able to search by experience and expertise. The Expert Directory will be coming out in May, but first…. we need your help.

To have a properly working directory, it needs information to pull up. This month, we need all our HEUG members to fill out their expert profiles. It is easy, don’t worry!

You may be thinking ‘What qualifies someone as an expert?’ 

That’s a great question that I asked as well. In the end, we all have experience and important knowledge to be shared. Your expertise could be small but super helpful. One example is my co-worker. She is an ‘Expert’ at vlookup in Excel. This is one single formula and something quick to teach but she is the person everyone goes to when they can’t figure out why it isn’t working for them. Again, small but powerful.

Join the cool kids and fill out your Expert Profile today!

Looking for more opportunities to grow as a professional? This year, we have committees dedicated to creating HEUG certificate programs to offer to our members. This will create great opportunities to add more expertise to your profile. We already have one launched! The HEUG Presenter Certification Program is now live so make sure to check it out!