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Cultivating Relationships and Volunteering!

By Kelly Wilker posted 09-30-2021 04:35 PM


To “Cultivate is to nurture and help grow.  When you cultivate something, you work to make it better”.  Members are the foundation of the HEUG and our volunteers are continuously working to nurture and grow our community. The higher education sector is an ever-changing landscape, and our member volunteers dedicate their time to leading the change for their fellow members. This is an important piece in the success of our organization and by celebrating this, we can reinforce the motivation that will carry us through the next years. 

The HEUG is a member-lead community and provides the space for members to collaborate across modules, institutions, departments and more because together, we influence and grow the future of the higher education sector.

Come together with your fellow members through one of the many volunteer positions HEUG has to offer. There are 1-hour short term opportunities to a year-long committee role.  A great one that is currently accepting committee members is the mentor program committee. They are revamping the program this year and could use all the out-of-the-box and innovative ideas that they can. This is a great opportunity to make a huge impact on the future of the HEUG and higher ed sector, to network and better develop your skills.

Explore Opportunities > https://www.heug.org/engage/volunteer-opportunities

To end, I wanted to let you know what the HEUG means to me!  It is a place where I personally can connect and network with others and gain their knowledge and share mine.  I see the HEUG as a one-stop-shop that helps me to do my job and further my career in many ways.

So, think about what the HEUG means to you and what it can help you achieve.


Kelly Wilker

VP of Engagement

Higher Education User Group