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HEUG Board of Directors Election Results (Term 2021-2024)

By Mario Berry posted 03-03-2021 02:12 PM


The elections for the HEUG Board of Directors (Term 2021-2024) closed on February 26, 2021.  The HEUG Board of Directors wishes to thank all of the volunteers who were willing to spend the time and energy it takes to help run this organization.  The candidates who were elected are:

Business Administration and Operations
@Gary Pratt, CIO (Kansas State University)
@Michael Sink, Interim Vice President and CIO (University of Central Florida)

Technology & Cloud

@Laura Shevling, Senior Director (University of Wyoming)
@Joshua Vincent, Senior Director, Process & Systems Optimization (Vanderbilt University)


@Juan Carlos Ruiz Cruz, Technical & Functional Manager (Universidad Panamericana)

Please join me in congratulating these new board members and in thanking all of those who were on the ballot!




03-24-2021 11:55 AM

Welcome to the HEUG Board.  I look forward to the occasional opportunity to connect with you in the coming years.

03-15-2021 12:15 PM

Congratulations and much success to our new Board members. I firmly believe you will find this experience to be one of the most professionally and personally rewarding of your careers. Thanks for your willingness to serve your colleagues.

03-09-2021 11:19 AM

Welcome to the HEUG board; you will have a life-changing experience and the opportunity to shape the future of this amazing organization.