2016 Status Update for Preferred Name Display

By Max Herman posted 02-19-2016 02:18 PM


Hello all,

As we approach Alliance 2016, the Campus Community PAG would like to sum up the current state of preferred name display by answering some FAQ’s. 

The business need and requested enhancements for preferred name display were documented in a 2014 Campus Community white paper, which is available at:


Q:  Where does preferred name display in CS 9.0?

A:  As of Bundle 39, if a student has a preferred name it is displayed in place of primary name in all of the student self-service pages with the exception of the following pages, where primary is displayed:

  • Request Enrollment Verification (report - printable page)
  • Academic Advisement Report (report - PDF)
  • Student Admission (Request Admission Materials; Accept Admission; Application Status)

In Faculty/Advisor self-service the student preferred name is displayed everywhere except for the following, where primary is displayed:

  • Faculty Center > Gradebook
  •  Advisor Center > My Advisees
  • Advisor Center > Change Advisee (dropdown)

No further locations for preferred name, such as Instructor name and Advisor name, will be added to 9.0.


Q:  What locations will be available in CS 9.2?

A:  Instructor name and Advisor name are being considered for 9.2, but no target date has yet been announced by Oracle.  It has also been requested that preferred instructor name appear in class search and catalog display locations.  These enhancement requests remain valid based on their inclusion in the original white paper, so no further documentation or HEUG Board review is in process. 


Q:  Will preferred name be displayed on any administrative pages?

A:  It is not planned to display preferred name on administrative (non-self-service) pages in 9.0 or 9.2, aside from a small number of pages which are available in both self-service and an admin page (such as Class Roster and Grade Roster).  This decision was made because administrative pages are not public-facing and there is no broad consensus among institutions regarding which pages should display which name type. 


Q:  Will configurability for name type display be delivered?

A:  This is not a planned enhancement.  Based on review of stakeholder needs and technical effort, a configurability option for additional name locations (beyond the current Contributor Relations functionality) does not have enough business need to justify development resources. 


Q:  Will name display change in Fluid Self Service?

A:  Yes, a different presentation mode will mean that student name is not displayed in as many locations, so name type display is less of an issue.


Q:  Will more updates and details be provided by Oracle at Alliance 2016?

A:  Definitely!  We invite you to attend the Oracle session #35296, “Campus Community and Campus Solutions 9.2” and the Campus Community Birds of a Feather session if you will be in Seattle.  If not, session recordings will be available and more info will be distributed on the CC blog and listserv post-conference.


Thanks to all for your feedback and interest in preferred name display!

Max Herman

Alliance 2016 Campus Community Track Chair