Graduation Processing – Not Just for Posting Degrees

By Rachael Daniel posted 03-04-2020 05:06 AM


How well do you know your Graduation Processing page? Sure, it saves your graduation examiners time by posting degrees in batch, but were you aware you can make other changes to graduation-related fields on the Student Program/Plan section with it? Read further to find some other possible uses for Graduation Processing that will bring joy to your Student Records staff.

  • Are you looking to make all of your soon-to-be-graduating students Eligible for Graduation? If you use the Self Service Eligible to Apply (set up on the Academic Institution Table, Academic Institution 8 tab), this status allows your students to submit that application for graduation through the Student Center. Running this process will add a Data row to update Degree Checkout Status.
  • Need to update a large group of students’ Expected Graduation Term? You can use the Graduation Processing page to add a Data row to the Student Program/Plan stack with a new EGT. Don’t want to update everyone, just students who have no EGT yet? Simply select the Update Only if Blank option.
  • Looking for a way to batch run transcripts or advisement reports for students who are in your graduation queue? Select the Reports Only – Transcript/AA option, and check the desired box under the Report Options section/

Interested in learning more? Visit the Past & Future Conference site to download past Alliance Conference presentations on Graduation Processing.