Fluid 101: A Project Manager's Perspective

By Shaheda Taji posted 06-29-2021 04:41 PM


Dear PCM Colleagues,

We at DePaul University incorporated a Fluid roll out when we upgraded to Campus 9.2 in 2018. From a technology perspective and pace, 2018 seems so far away and for me the Fluid rollout today, in 2021, felt out of date and just plain old. 

 But presenting last week on this subject made me realize that it is still a very relevant topic for a lot of people and I’m hoping that by posting here, it will in some small way help somebody and also encourage other institutions to share what they have learned.

 In the midst of any upgrade/implementation, we tend to forget the importance of the small things that we worked on: the many conversations to bounce ideas off one another, the many meetings to decide the best approach, the many times we asked for help, and the other times when we offered it.

 Really that’s what makes any implementation a success -the pulling together of all the forces you can muster at that time.

 Here’s the link to the recording on E-Academy Fluid101:You wont drown, it's only Fluid

And you can find the slide deck here

 I hope you find this useful.