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Crafting a Killer Session Proposal for Alliance 2024: Arizona Sunsets, Saguaros, and Sensational Sessions!

By Tesha Vera posted 09-21-2023 03:07 PM


Howdy, Alliance Trailblazers! 

Ever gazed at an Arizona sunset and thought, "Wow, that's a story waiting to be told!"? Much like the breathtaking hues of our desert skies, your unfolding projects have a tale that's uniquely yours. If you're on an epic project journey through the wild west of implementation or innovation, saddle up, because we're here to guide you through crafting a session proposal that’s as unforgettable as a desert starry night.  

The Journey, The Destination, and The Desert Trails! 

Like a desert explorer charting new terrains, it's the journey that counts! Projects in progress? Perfect. We want the nitty-gritty, the mirages, the oases - every bit of your adventure. 

The Good, the Bad, the Dusty, and the Prickly! 

    • Even in the vast Arizona landscape, not every path is smooth or every cactus friendly. Stumbles? They're part of the journey! By sharing with our community, we find water wells in the most unexpected places. 

September Sizzle and Cool Proposals! 

    • Feeling the September heat? Don't sweat it. We're not looking for a fully mapped trail, just a title that pops and a description that captivates. Like a whisper of a legend around a campfire. 

Time is Your Trusty

    • Once your proposal is roped in, you've got until March. That's ample time to refine your story, add more flair, and make sure it's hotter than an Arizona midday! 

ProTip: Here's the golden nugget! If your session gets the nod, yeehaw, you've got yourself a comped registration! 

Ever felt the magic of the HEUG community spirit? It's in our stories, our shared experiences, and the value of coming together. Dive deep, share your tale, and thrive with us. Don't let the dust settle! Submit your session proposal by October 6th. Get going right here. 

And always remember: IGNITE INNOVATION, THRIVE TOGETHER. Just like how the desert blooms after the rain, let your story flourish at Alliance 2024!