Building great-looking, usable apps with Oracle tools

By Kathy Miedema posted 10-03-2013 03:56 PM


Are you a business analyst or developer looking for an efficient and effective way to build in a better user experience as you tailor an application? These experts, who are from the Oracle Applications User Experience team or have been trained by them, offer tips on keeping your applications usable, so that your users can be more productive.

  •     Ultan O’Broin, Director, Oracle Applications User Experience, talks about making great-looking applications with a productive user experience in an interview for the Oracle’s Latin America OTN Tour.
  •     Lonneke Dikmans, Fusion UX Advocate, writes about building in user experience in her article in O Tech Magazine,  “Stop Generating your User Interface! Start designing IT!”
  •     Sten Vesterli, Fusion UX Advocate, writes about ADF in his post, “ADF Architecture Made Simple: Small, Medium, Large.”

For more information on building a better user experience into your application, visit the UX Direct web site.