Promoting Member Priorities

By Buddy Combs posted 05-05-2017 02:22 PM


The HEUG Advisory Groups serve as advocates to promote priority member needs to Oracle. They aid as valuable educators of Oracle applications to the HEUG Community.  The groups continue to embrace the guidance and leadership of HEUG members for future enhancement and solutions including the interpretation of local and governmental regulations and member needs.

As institutions begin to extend and adapt their current focus from on premise solutions to current and future cloud products, our strategic partnership with Oracle remains prevalent.  Since the close of Alliance 2017, the HEUG Board and Advisory Groups have gathered the community’s top priorities and enhancements for current and future products. The information collected will provide Oracle with input on future 9.2 roadmaps, as well as new and improved design considerations for the Cloud products.

We urge you to get involved by participating in the HEUG.Online Product Enhancement Tracker. This is a central depository to submit deliberate ideas and enhancement requests related to the improvement of Oracle product lines.   Submitting a Product Enhancement request is an opportunity to champion for new developments in one convenient location. With your assistance, we will plan our future and improve Oracle product lines for efficiency and compliance.