NERUG Alliance 2018 - Call for Proposals Ends in One Week!

By Pam Henderson posted 06-22-2018 08:07 AM


Call for Proposals Ends in One Week! 

Putting a strong proposal together is easy and only takes about 30 minutes. We are seeking sessions that will cover Admissions, Academic Advisement, Campus Community, Student Records, Financial Aid, Human Resources, General Interest, Student Financials/Financials, and Technical Tracks. Any idea is welcome no matter how big or small. The instructions and tips for submitting a session are available here.

Submission Deadline is 6/29, at Midnight!

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8 significant reasons to present at a Regional Conference

8. Beef up your professional experience: One of the most apparent benefits of presenting at a regional conference is that it improves your professional clout.

7. Master your discipline: This experience helps you learn even more about a subject area, especially as you tried to anticipate audience questions. It's great to be able to share knowledge and expand your knowledge to be able to share at the national level.

6. Become popular with your peers: Who doesn’t want a guaranteed spot at the cool kids’ table? Presenters are able to engage like-minded users from across the region and expand their professional networks all in one sweep.

5. Drive up demand: Beyond a few lines on your resume, presenting at a conference helps asserts you as an Oracle insider and a force to be reckoned with.

4. Build lasting connections: While meeting and greeting other professionals is a definite perk, having those new connections turn into lasting friendships is an outstanding motivator to present.

3. Share your expertise with others: Even if you may think your PeopleSoft knowledge is limited or incomplete, presenting about your particular area helps other PeopleSoft users. Instead of focusing on what you can take away from the experience, remember that presenting can help other users learn.

2. Foot in the Door: Presenters experience is taken into consideration for Alliance session selection and a regional conference is a great place to get the needed experience. 

1. Save Money: Presenters that share at the regional conference have the registration fee waived.

If you would like assistance in completing your proposal, the Conference Planning Team is available to help. Please email a conference committee member using this contact information: NERUG Planning Committee.

We look forward to seeing your proposal. Watch out for the announcement opening registration on June 18!

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