Teaming up with Harvard, doing our homework, and a game-changer for Financials

By Kathy Miedema posted 03-05-2014 12:36 PM


Check this blog at the beginning of each month for a round-up of recent posts on the Oracle Applications User Experience.

HARVARD TEAMS UP WITH UX DIRECT: Read about how OUAB member Harvard University uses UX Direct for their new PeopleSoft Campus Solutions  in this post on the VoX blog.  UX Direct helps partners and customers build in user experience best practices, using the same methods that the Oracle Applications User Experience team uses for Oracle software. Harvard is a member of the Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB), which is also one of the Oracle Applications User Experience team’s programs. 

DOING OUR HOMEWORK: Head to the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog for a post on how “New Oracle developers get a taste of Raspberry Pi.” By holding occasional hack days, Oracle’s own developers get a chance to play around with new, or new-to-them, technology and think about how to apply that technology to the business world and its users. Then check in at the AppsLab for a post on how some of the Oracle Applications User Experience developers applied Raspberry Pi for a project of their own in “New Robot Arm Hotness,” an example of how the innovation is always ongoing. 

GAME-CHANGER FOR FINANCIALS DEPARTMENT: Oracle’s Ultan O’Broin takes a look at how Oracle Social Network can improve the user experience for financial applications users in “How to Chat Up an Accountant Safely: Social Networking in the Finance Department,” on the Usable Apps blog.  

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY USER EXPERIENCE: Check the Usable Apps blog for a new post about a wearables jam held recently for developers on the Oracle Applications User Experience team, where participants took their cue from Mickey Mouse, in “Learning to Build a Wearables User Experience from Mickey Mouse." Hear more of the story (and check out author Ultan O’Broin’s fuzzy ears) in “It's Not How You Wink, It's How You Work,” on the User Assistance blog.